Welcoming Peri Elizabeth Scott to the blog today with her new contemporary romance, Love Changes Everything.


Simon has developed feelings for the girl who bedeviled him growing up, his best friend’s sister–not that Alys is a girl any longer. She’s a grown-up, beautiful, wonderful woman who makes him crazy. He obtains her brother’s permission to ask her out. And is rejected.
Alys is innocent and plans to stay that way until she meets a man who holds the same moral code, regardless of her lengthy crush on Simon. Privy to his escapades and conquests, her jealousy has turned to distaste ans she sets herself on a different path. She wants a man who has refrained from meaningless affairs, who has waited for the special woman. And that’s not Simon!
Simon does the research but Google assures him he can’t become re-virginized and thus Alys is beyond his reach–until one day when he takes her, as a friend, for lunch in his beloved truck. That day, love changes everything.
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“Sorry.” Alys’s response was short but succinct.
Simon waited, but she wasn’t forthcoming with any
excuses. “You’re … you’re saying no?”
A quick blink, a sweep of thick, dark lashes before
those impossibly golden eyes widened. “I guess I should have said no. But I am sorry.”
It was insane, but he wanted to continue the
conversation, even figuring he’d regret it. “Why are you sorry?”
A faint tinge of pink colored her cheekbones and a
couple of little white teeth worried a corner of her full bottom lip. “I get
asked out a lot. And I know it can’t be easy to get turned down.”
Her reply should have reeked of feminine arrogance, yet
it didn’t. If anything, it was considered and thoughtful, and despite the
twinge of her rejection, he found himself
admiring her for it. But wasn’t that Alys? Kind. Caring.
A hint of surprise followed, confusing him. It didn’t
make a lot of sense when he dwelled on
it—rarely was he turned down and when it happened, it didn’t bother him. This
was different, and a twofer. Huh.
Telling himself it didn’t matter did not stop him from
pursuing it like a juvenile trout after a cleverly crafted, manmade fly. “Is
there a reason you won’t go out with me?”
Another blink, accompanied by her tucking a strand of
silky red-gold hair behind her ear betrayed what he thought was a bit of
nervousness, and he thought to back down. Aside from his intense need to have
her, Alys brought out some weird emotions in him, ones he might catalog as
protectiveness—even possessiveness—and that wasn’t him. Better he let those
sleeping dogs lie. He was crazy about her
but clearly, the sentiment wasn’t
“Never mind. Forget I asked.” Even to his ears he
sounded peevish and decided to add petulant to his rapidly increasing scope of
emotions. Time to get gone. He was back to fleeing from her.
She said, “I don’t date men who’ve … been around.
About the Author:  
Peri Elizabeth Scott lives in Manitoba, Canada and pretends to work well with her husband in their seasonal business.
Writing for years, along with her alter ego and three coauthors, she has published over 53 novels, including dark erotica and contemporary romance in a variety of genres, and reads most anything she can lay her hands on.
Romance author. Writing contemporary, paranormal and fantasy romance.