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(Brighton Heat 2)

Following a cruel betrayal, the last thing Beth Devlin needs is a man with sinful good looks and a reputation for love-them-and-leave-them-gasping

Soon Marco is questioning the wisdom of his one-month-only rule, until a revelation from his past reopens Beth’s emotional wounds and puts any chance of a future in jeopardy. affairs with women. But unable to resist his determined pursuit, Beth soon discovers that no-holds-barred sex with a master of the genre is the perfect remedy for her flagging confidence and painful past.

Marco Zutini has learned to separate emotion from sex. With affairs that last no longer than a month, he can move on before things get complicated. But while he is more than happy to tutor Beth in the ways of carnal pleasure, there is one small problem-she fires up much more than his libido.


Hell. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. It wasn’t the first time he’d indulged in phone sex, but that was usually after he’d enjoyed the real thing once or twice with the woman. Yet here he was about to put himself through the misery of being out of touching distance with Beth, while he instructed her to do to herself the very things he damn well ached to do to her in person.

“Sit on the bed.”

Seconds later, “I’m sitting.”

“Okay.” Shit, he had to take a minute. His pulse had started to race and heat soared through his bloodstream. “Put down the phone and take off your top.”

Silence. Then, “Done.”

His cock pushed against the seam of his jeans. “Take off your pants. Slowly.”

He thought he heard her breath hitch, but it might have been his. As instructed, she took longer this time and he hoped to hell she wasn’t about to back out.

“They’re off.”

Blood raced in his veins. “Are you naked?”

“Not quite. I still have panties on.”

Fuck. “What colour?”


He had an image of her. All that milky skin with only white panties covering her mound. “Describe them.”

She drew in a breath. “They’re plain white, with lace around the edges. High legged and they come to just below my navel.”

“Put your fingers between your legs.” When she didn’t answer, he prompted, “Beth?”

“I’m here. And I’ve done as you said.”

“Are you damp?”


Holy hell. “Lie back on the bed.”

A rustle, a creak. “I’m lying back.”

He jolted as he thought someone called his name from the bar, then damn near cried with relief when he realized he’d been mistaken. He had to take a couple of steadying breaths.


“Is your hair down?”


“Good. Take off your panties.”

She must have kept the phone to her ear because he heard her jerky breaths as she disposed of the panties, then a sigh as he assumed she lay back against the sheets.

Marco glanced through the door crack, then pushed the door closed and turned his back to it. If they needed any help in the bar, they could damn well swing for it until he was through with Beth. “Are you naked now?”

He heard her swallow. “Yes. Completely.”

“Left or right handed?”


“Put the phone in your left hand and touch your breast with your right. Cup it, like I did last night.”

He heard a little hitch of her breath and knew she was doing as he’d instructed. “Use your thumb, rub it across your nipple.”

When she gave an “mmm” sound, Marco had to widen his stance to accommodate the hard-on that was demanding exit from his jeans. “How does that feel?”

“Good. Really good.”

“Wet your right forefinger…trail it down your throat…around your breasts…dip it into your navel…” Marco gave out his instructions, his voice growing huskier with each syllable. He had to clear his throat a couple of times as he imagined the trail of Beth’s finger and wished to heaven it was his. “Where’s your hand now?”

“On my stomach.”

Her own voice was scratchy, her breath catching. He wanted to ask her if her pussy was covered with that silky dark hair or if she was bare, but decided it was something he wanted to find out for himself.


“Slide it lower. Touch your pussy.”


Fuck. He was going to lose it. “Push it into your slit, bella. Imagine it’s me.”

She gave a mewling sound, her breath coming faster and shallower now. “Oh God. Marco.”

“Harder,” he demanded. “Imagine it’s me fucking you.”

Unable to resist any longer, Marco slid his zip and reached inside for his cock. He began pumping himself in time to Beth’s frantic breathing.

“Marco…” She went silent, her breathing ceased, and he knew she came.

He kept pumping himself, his cock so damn hard he knew he wouldn’t get it back in his pants unless he found relief.

Seconds later, cum spurted onto his stomach and as his legs threatened to give way he pushed himself against the wall. “Shit.”


“Yeah.” He sucked in air. “I’m here.”

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