How do you fancy attending a weekend summer camp packed with great workshops? What’s more it’s free and you can take part from the comfort of your own laptop. The Marketing for Romance Writers’ Summer Camp takes place this weekend and promises to be exciting, informative and supportive.

You can find more information and the workshops schedules here.

I look forward to seeing you there!

One Thought on “MFRW Summer Camp”

  • I read the excerpt on your book and it sounds really good and I’m sure it will be a very enjoyable one. I read all the time. If I’m not carrying a bookthen I’m carrying my phone and listening to Audible. I have seen and read some great stories by authors. I wish they would cosider Audible for fans who love to listen. The author and publishing team will get auditions from narrators and whether it’s a man or female they can do every voice and make them sound different. I love it because it’s just like real life or acting but only one person is involved. They have such a huge variety to choose from, even erotica.

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