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Welcome to Mid Week Tease, where authors share snippets from a new release, backlist title or a current work in process.

This week, my teaser excerpt comes from Turn Me On, the third book in my Brighton Heat series. Just how much trouble can one threesome cause? Lissa is about to find out. While she’s attracted to Reed, she knows that her one night menage with his cousin and a business associate will come back to haunt her if she gets involved with him. But Reed is pretty persistent. Here’s an extract where he’s trying to persuade her to turn their relationship from professional to personal. Hope you enjoy.

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Recognizing the groom and best man as men with whom she once enjoyed a ménage, Lissa Delaney’s attempts to avoid them during the wedding drive her straight into the arms of the groom’s cousin. Getting involved with Reed Fitzgerald is bad news, especially since the two men dislike each other, but the attraction is too powerful and soon Lissa is sharing Reed’s bed.

With an ex-lover determined to hold him to a drunken promise, Reed Fitzgerald thinks Lissa might well be his out-clause, especially since she’s up to her pretty neck in debt. His unlikely proposition will solve both their problems and, considering the explosive sex they enjoy, promises to provide plenty of recreational benefits along the way.

But what started as a temporary agreement soon develops into something more meaningful, until a chance meeting sends Reed into a jealous rage and threatens to destroy what they have been building.

Excerpt Teaser:

Although Reed knew he was pushing his luck, instincts other than his business ones had taken over. He decided to go for broke. “There is something else, and seeing as we’ve agreed to play it straight, I’m just going to say it.” His blood heated beneath all that hazel temptation as he held her gaze. “I want to take you to bed.”

Her eyes widened for an instant, just enough for him to recognise a quality in them that indicated she didn’t find his suggestion completely intolerable, then slowly she closed her notebook. “You can’t help yourself, can you?” For a moment, Reed thought she might make for the door again, but she simply lay her hands palms down on the closed pad in her lap. “Is it so difficult for you to keep your mind on business?”

“I could act like I’m not attracted to you.” And not sitting here with a raging hard-on. “But that would make me a hypocrite. The truth is I want you.”

When she didn’t bolt, Reed reached out and brushed the tips of his fingers against hers. She looked down at his hand, but said nothing. “Unless I’m completely losing my instincts, I think you’re attracted to me. You want to know how it would be between us.” He leaned in. “Shall I tell you, princess?” The scent of her, citrus and flowers, whispered through his senses. “Or shall I just show you?”

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