Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end, then stop.” Lewis Carroll

Untitled designA few weeks into my very first job, my employer told me that I was very tenacious. Since I didn’t know what that meant, I rushed to the nearest dictionary. How thrilled I was to read the definition. Tenacious sounded so sophisticated, and much better than the stubborn that was more usually attributed to me. Now I was forceful, determined, dogged and I played on that strength for all I was worth.

Seems I’ve always had that stubborn streak, even as a small child. It was not in my nature to give up on anything, and usually I’d see projects through to the bitter end. That was especially true of a certain fire-engine red tricycle. Learning to ride that thing cost me three separate visits to the hospital with two dislocated shoulders (the same shoulder twice) and a broken arm, until my grandfather decided enough was enough and broke up the cycle so I could no longer risk life and limb. But that didn’t stop me, and I remember bartering with a friend that she could push my super-duper consolation dolls’ pram to the end of the street and back if she’d let me ride her cycle. No more broken limbs later, I mastered that sucker.

The same was true with reading material. Always a great reader, if I picked up a book to read I’d continue on to the end even if the initial interest waned halfway through. There was always the hope that something would reignite that initial spark and in my head it was not right to give up on a book. But lately I’ve decided life’s too short. There are simply too many books out there, many of which I can’t wait to read.

Writing hasn’t escaped this current mood either, although giving up on a story is much more of a struggle. Once the germ of an idea took hold, I’d go off on the journey of creation and keep at it until I typed ‘The End’. But recently there have been a couple of stories I just can’t seem to finish. Nope. Just can’t get the enthusiasm going. Which means I currently have several stories on the go, each with about three or four chapters written. Every writer knows how important it is to batten down and get the story written, and I’m no exception, but hmm, where has my ‘must finish at any cost’ determination gone?

I’m sure this is a temporary thing and that soon my tenacious mojo will return. Meanwhile, any suggestions for getting it back would be most gratefully received.