Early on Saturday morning I opened my email to find a letter from Samhain informing its authors that it was closing its doors. Such sad news because this is a great publisher with first class authors, editors and staff. I cut my publishing teeth with Samhain and learned so much along the way from some truly amazing editors and received help and advice from supportive and helpful staff. My book covers always delighted me, and there wasn’t much in the way of queries for which my fellow authors couldn’t provide help. Even now, the Samhain family is coming together and continuing to share ideas and offer advice.

I’m truly sad this publishing era is drawing to a close, but as with everything in life, things shift and times change. We just need to be open to new possibilities and go with the flow. So, after a weekend of reflection and commiserating and, okay, plenty of wine and chocolate, I’m dusting myself off and heading back to the keyboard.