With the closure of Samhain Publishing, I’ve been busy working on finding homes for my ex-Samhain books. I’m planning to have the first three books in the Beasts of Bodmin Moor series out again soon, as well as now being able to plan the release of the next two books in the series – Ryan and Seth’s stories. I’m very excited about that, as those two panther shifters are getting impatient to have their stories told.

INDECENT EXPOSUREIndecent Exposure is now available again as an ebook via Amazon. It re-released today with a brand new cover.

Find it here: myBook.to/IndecentExposure

She’s gotten herself into hot water, and the heat just keeps on rising.

When it came to men, Gina McKenzie didn’t make the same mistakes her mother did. She just made different ones. Like trusting a bad guy, and driving away a good one.

Blackmailed by an ex-lover, Gina is forced to reunite with an old college crush to get the dirty on him. She once resorted to humiliating Mitchell Coleman to protect her heart and now it seems she has no choice but to let history repeat itself.

When Gina walks back into his life and starts seducing him, Mitch can’t help but be suspicious—the last time she’d done that she’d tossed him to the wolves. But if she intends to serve herself to him on a plate, who is he to refuse? He’ll just make sure to show her exactly what she missed the first time around.

But Mitch soon realizes that Gina’s plans involve more than heating up the sheets, and this time he’ll be ready for her. This time he’s not going to let her play him for a fool.

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