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Brooms, Weddings and May Day Dew


Bluebells in our local wood on May Day 2016

Did you remember to wash your face in the early May morning dew today? According to superstition, the dew has magic properties on this day and anyone who washes their face in it will have a beautiful complexion for the rest of the year. Now I don’t usually hold with superstition, but I admit to rubbing my dew-laden hands over my face this morning 🙂 Well, you never know, right?

While researching folklore specific to the day, I’ve found tons of superstitions and customs which are providing fabulous fodder for future stories. They range from not buying a new broom to avoiding getting married… “Marry in May, and you’ll Rue the Day”. The latter doesn’t hold for me though because I married the love of my life in May and we’ve been happily hitched for, ahem, a few decades now.

If you want to read more about the customs and beliefs associated with the month of May take a look at this site



My second Beast releases today…

Beast Denied 72lgToday sees the release of Beast Denied, Book 2 in the Beasts of Bodmin Moor series. It’s Tynan and Naomi’s story. Tynan is Caleb’s (First Beast) second in command and he’s had a tough time of it. Of course, I have a soft spot for all my heroes (and heroines) but Tynan is…well, special. Like all the male shifters of the Bodmin Pack, he’s tough, uncompromising, and just a lot arrogant, but when push comes to shove you’d want him on your side.

Beast Denied received a great 4.5 Star review from Night Owl Reviews and was voted a Top Pick. “…the fast paced and smooth flowing plot captivates readers with lots of suspensereviewertoppick2, turmoil and romance…I was completely spellbound.” Read the full review here.

Here’s the blurb:

To embrace the future, they must defy the past.

Naomi Flynn never intends to mate or marry. Either one would leave her open to the manipulation she’s sworn never to endure again. Besides, no panther male will want her once they know the truth behind what happened a decade ago.

She’s happy to burn up the sheets in a buddy-with-benefits arrangement, until a craving for a three-way sexual adventure thrusts her right back into the arms of the man she can’t afford to remember.

Tynan Galloway doesn’t intend to stand by and watch the woman he wants throw herself at every male with a pulse except him. Ten years ago, a brutal assault robbed him of his destiny as a protector of the pack, but damned if Naomi is going to be another casualty of his fate.

In the heat of a fantasy come true, Naomi’s resolve to keep her emotional distance weakens. But when Tynan discovers she’s in potential danger, he dares her to deny he’s the only man who can protect her. Never expecting she’ll go to extremes to prove him wrong…

Product Warnings

A hot panther shifter with something to prove, a heroine with a secret to keep, and a threesome arrangement which brings out the teeth and claws.

Fancy an excerpt?  Click HERE.

Buy Links: Amazon | Samhain | Nook | Kobo | AllRomance | iBooks

Okay, I give up. Who stole my tenacity?

Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end, then stop.” Lewis Carroll

Untitled designA few weeks into my very first job, my employer told me that I was very tenacious. Since I didn’t know what that meant, I rushed to the nearest dictionary. How thrilled I was to read the definition. Tenacious sounded so sophisticated, and much better than the stubborn that was more usually attributed to me. Now I was forceful, determined, dogged and I played on that strength for all I was worth.

Seems I’ve always had that stubborn streak, even as a small child. It was not in my nature to give up on anything, and usually I’d see projects through to the bitter end. That was especially true of a certain fire-engine red tricycle. Learning to ride that thing cost me three separate visits to the hospital with two dislocated shoulders (the same shoulder twice) and a broken arm, until my grandfather decided enough was enough and broke up the cycle so I could no longer risk life and limb. But that didn’t stop me, and I remember bartering with a friend that she could push my super-duper consolation dolls’ pram to the end of the street and back if she’d let me ride her cycle. No more broken limbs later, I mastered that sucker.

The same was true with reading material. Always a great reader, if I picked up a book to read I’d continue on to the end even if the initial interest waned halfway through. There was always the hope that something would reignite that initial spark and in my head it was not right to give up on a book. But lately I’ve decided life’s too short. There are simply too many books out there, many of which I can’t wait to read.

Writing hasn’t escaped this current mood either, although giving up on a story is much more of a struggle. Once the germ of an idea took hold, I’d go off on the journey of creation and keep at it until I typed ‘The End’. But recently there have been a couple of stories I just can’t seem to finish. Nope. Just can’t get the enthusiasm going. Which means I currently have several stories on the go, each with about three or four chapters written. Every writer knows how important it is to batten down and get the story written, and I’m no exception, but hmm, where has my ‘must finish at any cost’ determination gone?

I’m sure this is a temporary thing and that soon my tenacious mojo will return. Meanwhile, any suggestions for getting it back would be most gratefully received.




It wasn’t me, mum!

20151128_085901Guess who decided to pull up one of my young plants, and then hang around looking as if butter wouldn’t melt? Not sure why Ms. V has suddenly developed this desire to rearrange the garden, but I hope it doesn’t last too long.

In other news, she has also realized what fun it can be to dig holes and then trudge indoors with cakes of muddy earth beween the pads of her paws.

Ahh, the joys of being a puppy mum!

Time to Party!

Come join me over at The Romance Studio‘s annual Christmas Party! They’re giving away an Amazon gift ecard to one lucky reader and loads of other prizes from their prize vault, as well as prizes from featured authors, including me! Hop on over and join the fun and games. See you there!

TRS Christmas Party 2015

First Beast

FirstBeast72lgFirst Beast releases on Tuesday, 8 December from Samhain Publishing and is already receiving some great reviews. 4 Stars from Romantic Times (“a hot, exciting read.”) and 5 stars from Yearwood Book Reviews (“This book was fantastic.”

Beasts of Bodmin Moor, Book 1

To protect his pack, he must guard his heart.

Lost on Bodmin Moor, twelve-year-old Talia Summers was cold, hurt and terrified, before being saved by a black panther that materialized out of the night.

Years later, Talia returns to the moor in search of that magnificent beast, but instead finds a man leading a clan of shape shifters. Yet the connection she remembers is strangely absent. She despairs of ever finding it again—until a stranger steps into her shower.

Back to claim his rightful place, Caleb McLeod’s fierce attraction to his half-brother’s female is tempered by the fact she’s a human. Worse, a journalist. He’ll not have his people’s survival threatened by a human female who continually pushes the boundaries of pack rules.

His solution? Mate with her. Control her. And if his brother doesn’t like it, they’ll simply have to share. For now.

But suspicion and lies threaten the growing bond between Talia and Caleb, and the past has a way of catching up. A way of destroying the bridge built between two worlds…between two hearts.

Buy Links:   Samhain | Amazon | Nook | AllRomance | Kobo | iBooks


Puppies, Chocolate and Monte Carlo…

… just a few of my favorite things:)

To find out more, pop over to Kacey Hammell’s blog where I’m a guest on her Meet and Greet Monday feature.


Happy Birthday to Evernight Publishing!

EP BDay BH button-4

Celebrate like a ROCK STAR because Evernight Publishing is THREE!

In three short years, Evernight has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to readers like you! Evernight is pulling out all the stops and throwing an extreme BIRTHDAY BASH BLOG HOP in your honor!

That’s right! It’s Evernight’s birthday but YOU get the presents…

Prizes include:

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$100 Evernight and Amazon Gift Certificates

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Plus, each author on the hop will offer his/her own special prize!

As an author, I’m thrilled to share my stories with you and Evernight helps make my books shine! Here’s one reason why I love Evernight Publishing:

I hear so many horror stories of author experience with other publishers, so I can only thank my lucky stars I submitted my very first erotic romance to Evernight. Their communication with authors is superb. Good editing, great covers, speedy response times…it’s hard to pick just one reason I love my publisher!

All the books in my Brighton Heat trilogy are now available from Evernight. The series looks at the repercussions for three characters who once indulged in a one night stand then went their own way. Of course, their ménage a trios comes back to haunt them. Well, I couldn’t let them off the hook that easily, could I? Each character has their own story, and while they are linked by that one night ménage, each can be read as a standalone novel.

Turn Me On small

My latest release, Turn Me On, is the third book in the series and is Lissa’s story. Her hero finds it especially hard to come to terms with Lissa’s past, not helped by the fact that his cousin, with whom he has a volatile relationship, was one of the men in that original ménage. Poor Reed goes through the mill as he fights against the inevitable 😉

Here’s the blurb:

At a wedding, Lissa Delaney recognizes the groom and best man as men with whom she once enjoyed a one night ménage. Her attempts to avoid them push her into the arms of the groom’s cousin. Getting involved with Reed Fitzgerald is not exactly high on Lissa’s agenda, especially as she has more pressing problems than attempting to hide her past from Reed. But Reed is not an easy man to refuse, and soon she is sharing his bed.

With an ex-lover holding him to a drunken promise, Reed offers Lissa a proposition which will solve both their problems. What starts as a temporary arrangement soon becomes more meaningful, until a chance meeting sends Reed into a jealous rage and threatens to destroy what they are building.


She froze, looked down, and saw what she already knew from the sound it had made. The interaction with the branch had ripped her silk blouse and left a gaping tear from the center of her chest right across the top of her breast to her left armpit.

“Damn.” Lissa instinctively slapped her palm across the exposed flesh. She glared up at him. “Look what you’ve done.”

He shrugged, still leaning against the tree. “Not sure how, seeing as I haven’t moved.” His eyes gleamed as his gaze dropped to her hand. “I’d say you’ve gotten yourself in a spot of bother there, princess.”

“Stop calling me princess,” Lissa said from between clenched teeth. With her free hand she dug into her shoulder bag and searched for something to clip the material together, cursing the fact that only the other day she’d had a de-clutter fest and had emptied her bag of all inessentials gathered over the months.

Damn and blast. Where was an idiot safety pin when she needed one?

“Can I help?” blue eyes asked conversationally. He nodded his head, indicating her hand covering the tear. “Maybe I could hold that for you, while you continue your search.”

Lissa spared a moment to glare up at him, narrowing her eyes so that he could be in no doubt what her response would be had she been willing to verbalize one.

When it became apparent that her bag search would yield no remedy for her predicament, Lissa glared up at him again. “Well, this is just great, isn’t it?” She tried to adjust the ripped material to save her modesty, but only succeeded in tearing it further.

He pushed away from the tree and moved toward her. “If you just try—”

“Don’t touch me,” she hissed as he reached out. “What do you think you’re doing?”

He raised his eyebrows in a leisurely manner, as if the whole thing was one long amusement for his benefit. “Trying to help?”

“Well, go away. I don’t need your kind of help.”

“And what kind of help is that?”

“For a start you could stop leering at me, making snide suggestions.”

“I haven’t made any suggestions yet, but I’ll admit to the leering.” His gaze traveled slowly to the hand that covered her torn blouse before moving back to meet her eyes. “You’re pretty pleasing on the eye.”

Because his gaze dropped again, Lissa huffed. “It’s weird how men are reduced to slobbering idiots when they get a flash of boob.”

“While I’d hardly consider myself a slobbering idiot, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the peep show.” He grinned. “Even if it was more white lace than flesh.”

Lissa felt her cheeks heat…along with other more intimate parts of her body. There was something about the glint in his eye, the sexy grin that seemed to take forever to get where it was going.

She eased her head around the tree and saw Tom busy with the large family group. “You’re missing the photos. If you hurry you can squeeze on the end of the group.”

“I’ve already done my duty,” he said flatly. “I’m sure Ethan won’t mourn the loss of my presence. Are you trying to get rid of me?”

“I’m trying to do my job.” She looked up at him. “If you’re hanging around on the off chance you’ll get another flash, don’t waste your time.”

“I’m hanging around on the off chance I can help—” He gave another glance at her torn blouse “—with your predicament.”

“Yeah. Right.”

His mouth quirked, sending her annoyance levels up into the stratosphere. What really annoyed her was that he’d somehow gotten the upper hand. First because he’d guessed correctly that she’d been trying to remain inconspicuous while the photographs were taken, and now because of the accident with her blouse and his snide innuendoes.

Time to even the scales.

“Okay. If you want to help, give me your shirt.”

He raised those straight dark eyebrows. “You expect me to attend the rest of the wedding bare-chested? It would hardly go unnoticed.”

“I imagine the female guests can restrain themselves for a few hours.” She waggled the fingers of her free hand at him. “Likely they’ve seen bare chests before.” But nothing, she imagined, like the wide expanse of his. Before she could stop herself, she enjoyed a flight of fancy wondering if that wide chest was lightly sprinkled with silky dark hair. It would be muscled, no doubt of that. Solid, hard muscle that trembled beneath the right woman’s touch…


As she dragged herself back from loony land, she noticed the direction of his gaze. She could only be thankful that her hand covered one breast, because the other was currently behaving disgracefully, or at least the nipple was.

He slipped his hands in his pockets, eyes gleaming as they returned to meet hers. “I was thinking more along the lines of helping you hold your shirt together. Or maybe helping shield you from predatory gazes while we walk to your car. Something like that.”

“The only predatory gaze I can see right now is yours.”

“Guilty. But then it’s hard not to notice when a woman responds so readily.”

“You’re crass and arrogant.”

“Again. Guilty. But in my defence I lose all sense of gentlemanly pretence when a woman’s nipples harden to the extent of hitting me in the eye.”

“It’s nothing to do with you, believe me. How would you feel if you’d torn your trousers in the vicinity of your manhood? How would you react? Shrivel up and die?”

“Depends on who’s looking at the time. In present company, I’d be more likely to lengthen and expand.” He held her gaze. “Harden.”

Lissa felt her legs weaken, as if all the bone and muscle had disappeared and all she was left with was a covering of skin. To disguise the way her breath had tightened in her lungs, she huffed. “Like I said, crass and arrogant.”

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Bad in Bed
Up All Night
Turn Me On

To help celebrate Evernight’s Birthday, I’m giving away a copy of Bad in Bed, the first book in the series. If you’d like the chance to win a copy, just leave a comment here on my blog and I’ll enter you in the draw.

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Mid Week Tease: Turn Me On

Mid Week Tease Button(1)

Welcome to Mid Week Tease, where authors share snippets from a new release, backlist title or a current work in process.

This week, my teaser excerpt comes from Turn Me On, the third book in my Brighton Heat series. Just how much trouble can one threesome cause? Lissa is about to find out. While she’s attracted to Reed, she knows that her one night menage with his cousin and a business associate will come back to haunt her if she gets involved with him. But Reed is pretty persistent. Here’s an extract where he’s trying to persuade her to turn their relationship from professional to personal. Hope you enjoy.

Turn Me On small


Recognizing the groom and best man as men with whom she once enjoyed a ménage, Lissa Delaney’s attempts to avoid them during the wedding drive her straight into the arms of the groom’s cousin. Getting involved with Reed Fitzgerald is bad news, especially since the two men dislike each other, but the attraction is too powerful and soon Lissa is sharing Reed’s bed.

With an ex-lover determined to hold him to a drunken promise, Reed Fitzgerald thinks Lissa might well be his out-clause, especially since she’s up to her pretty neck in debt. His unlikely proposition will solve both their problems and, considering the explosive sex they enjoy, promises to provide plenty of recreational benefits along the way.

But what started as a temporary agreement soon develops into something more meaningful, until a chance meeting sends Reed into a jealous rage and threatens to destroy what they have been building.

Excerpt Teaser:

Although Reed knew he was pushing his luck, instincts other than his business ones had taken over. He decided to go for broke. “There is something else, and seeing as we’ve agreed to play it straight, I’m just going to say it.” His blood heated beneath all that hazel temptation as he held her gaze. “I want to take you to bed.”

Her eyes widened for an instant, just enough for him to recognise a quality in them that indicated she didn’t find his suggestion completely intolerable, then slowly she closed her notebook. “You can’t help yourself, can you?” For a moment, Reed thought she might make for the door again, but she simply lay her hands palms down on the closed pad in her lap. “Is it so difficult for you to keep your mind on business?”

“I could act like I’m not attracted to you.” And not sitting here with a raging hard-on. “But that would make me a hypocrite. The truth is I want you.”

When she didn’t bolt, Reed reached out and brushed the tips of his fingers against hers. She looked down at his hand, but said nothing. “Unless I’m completely losing my instincts, I think you’re attracted to me. You want to know how it would be between us.” He leaned in. “Shall I tell you, princess?” The scent of her, citrus and flowers, whispered through his senses. “Or shall I just show you?”

Buy Links for Turn Me On:

Evernight Publishing / Amazon / All Romance ebooks / Bookstrand

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Mid Week Tease: Bad in Bed

Mid Week Tease Button(1)

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. This is a new feature where authors share snippets from a new release, backlist title or a current work in process.

This week, my excerpt comes from Bad in Bed, the first book in my Brighton Heat series, and is the part of the story where Ethan is considering ways to boost Amber’s sexual confidence. An opportunity presents itself when Marco, his best friend, calls him in the midst of his deliberations.



Amber walked right into a cliché when she found her fiance in bed with her best friend. With plenty of practice, she plans to discredit his claims that she is lousy in bed, but his warning that her physical scars repulse men is more difficult to bear.

Memories of his past have taught Ethan to keep women at a healthy distance. Instantly attracted to Amber, he finds it strange that she’s happy to indulge in a quickie in a shop doorway, yet resists his attempts to get her naked.

When her secrets are revealed, Ethan sets out to make Amber see that not only is she dynamite in bed, her scars in no way diminish how desirable she is. When Ethan enlists the help of his friend Marco and sets up a threesome, he hopes this will not only improve Amber’s sexual confidence, but will prevent him from losing his heart.



“You want to work on your telephone answering technique or get yourself a receptionist, buddy boy.”

Marco’s deep laugh only hiked up Ethan’s temper levels. “It’s after five. I’ve clocked off for the night.” Ethan tried to ignore the way his breath had hitched in that millisecond between answering the call and hearing Marco’s dulcet tones. He’d hoped it might be Amber.

“With no expectation of getting Amber between the sheets tonight, by the sound of your voice.”

Despite Marco’s razzing, Ethan noted the hint of concern in his friend’s statement. “She was supposed to call.”

“What? You have a fight?”

“Not exactly.” He wasn’t about to tell Marco what had happened. Amber wouldn’t thank him for it.

There was a long silence, then Marco said, “Maybe I can get in there fast, before she has time to change her mind and call you.”

Ethan might have been pissed, but he knew the difference between Marco being an asshole and Marco attempting to lighten the load. He took a long breath as an idea, not altogether pleasing, took root. “Are you just trying to provoke me, or are you really interested?”

Marco’s silence gave Ethan time to suffer the hot burning sensation building in his chest and do his best to ignore it.

Marco’s answer, when it came, held the cautionary tone of a man shoved into a corner. “Both?”

“For God’s sake, Marco. Answer a simple question.”

“Fuck. Give me a break.”

Ethan had to take another breath, though his throat ached with the effort. “Then answer the damn question.”

Still Marco hesitated and Ethan could imagine him working through what he thought Ethan’s reaction would be to his answer, before admitting in a careful, quiet tone, “I’m interested.”

Ethan’s stomach jumped and his blood heated. Well, he’d started it, he might as well see it through. “If I set this up, it’s a one time only deal.”

“Shit, man. Are you for real? I thought you were seriously into her.”

“I am.”

“Then what’s going on? You’re actually giving me permission to fuck your girlfriend?”

Ethan almost jumped down the phone to personally strangle the life out of his friend. Until Marco had spelled it out in such glorious prose, he’d thought he maybe could go through with it. But now?

He took the time he needed to steady his racing heart, his pounding blood before he trusted himself to respond. “I’m talking about you joining us in the sack. Like I said, one time only deal.”

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